Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hidden Web Tools: 11 Tools for 2011

11 Free Web Tools for 2011
Recently Simple K12 released their list of the best free classroom web tools for 2011.  I am attaching their free e-book "Hidden Webtools: 11 Tools for 2011".  With so many resources available on the internet it is nice to have someone else investigate their usefulness.  Please let me know if you have already tried some of these tools or if you would like support finding ways to incorporate them into your curriculum.  I look forward to reading your comments!
Click on this link to open:  Hidden Web Tools: 11 Tools for 2011- E-Book

Tools listed in e-book
Tech Tool #1… – URL shortener for multiple URLs
Tech Tool #2… – online collaboration tool
Tech Tool – cut online videos
Tech Tool – comment and edit online videos
Tech Tool #5… – simplify YouTube videos
Tech Tool #6… – file converter
Tech Tool #7… – voice recorder
Tech Tool #8… – file sharer
Tech Tool #9… – public image search engine
Tech Tool #10… – educational public images
Tech Tool #11… – collaborative photo encyclopedia
BONUS TOOL #12… – simplify YouTube Videos
BONUS TOOL #13… – file converter


  1. I love using in my Spanish classes. The students really enjoy using it and get a lot of Spanish practice in!

  2. Great educational use! I have used a similar tool called ietherpad. One of the neat features of ietherpad is that you can password protect your pad or create usernames and passwords for your students so that you always know who is contributing. Both tools are great ways to provide opportunities for students to collaborate while learning the curriculum. Thanks for sharing!