Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spelling City

I was recently introduced to a great website called SpellingCity.  Today my daughter and I used it to practice her spelling words.  As we were going through some of the activities and games, it made me think how fun this would be on an interactive whiteboard (i.e. Mimio).  Whether you have access to an IWB or not it is definitely worth taking a look at. Make sure to go to the teacher resource page to find all the ways you can incorporate this website into your curriculum.  The table of contents includes activities for learning analogies, homophones, contractions, Dolch site words, math vocabulary and much, much more. Thank you Debra MacFarland for sharing this site!


  1. Thanks to Deb, I now have a spellingcity site where all 30 lessons from Story Town Spelling are on there.